Linda Dewey - Education Coach

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Linda Dewey, Education Coach, provides one-on-one learning, behavior, and advocacy support for families and students. With over 20 years experience in the classroom as a special educator, Linda knows how to analyze, problem-solve, and work in cooperation with families and children to see those children succeed.


I believe that the use of proven instruction, leading edge research, and consistent teamwork between family, students, and school will lead to improved student learning and behavior.

Mission Statement

To empower children to be confident, self-advocates in order to reach their highest potential .

Why a “coach” rather than a tutor?

The term “tutor” denotes a person who instructs and imparts knowledge. A “coach,” on the other hand, not only instructs, but also guides an individual to develop skills that foster independence. I believe in educators collaborating closely with parents to help their child build confidence and self-advocacy.

How I Can Help

Is your child performing below grade level? I can identify and help remediate academic skills. Does your child struggle socially or demonstrate behavior challenges? Together we can identify what triggers behavior and teach new appropriate behaviors. Are you frustrated with your child not completing homework because they don’t have the required academic or organizational skills? I can help by developing visual schedules and/or systems to ensure completion and follow through. Do you have a special needs child with major struggles? I can identify and teach the small, incremental steps it takes for your child to learn a new task or skill. Are you frustrated with the school system and are not sure how to work for your child? I can help educate you about special education services and coach you on how to advocate for the special needs of your child. Are you confused about why your child is struggling? In cooperation with a highly skilled psychologist, we can assess the skills and learning profile of your child, allowing us to then develop an intervention and instructional plan.

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